can I fish in an aquatic reserve?

Whilst in some aquatic reserves you can fish with a few restrictions, in the case of Bongin Bongin Bay, we are advocating for a "No Take" Aquatic Reserve which means that fishing or collecting of any kind is prohibited.

What can I do to help?

The thing you can do to help the most is write a letter to our members of Parliament.

write a letter

Alternatively you can share the following link online with your family and friends:

what can I do in an Aquatic Reserve?

Each aquatic reserve has its own rules but all of them allow you to enjoy a range of marine activities such as boating, scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming.

How Big will Bongin Bongin Bay aquatic reserve be?

In area the proposed aquatic reserve will be approximately 451,000 square meters (45 hectares). It will have a boundary (perimeter ) of 3.8km.

With every encounter with nature we receive far more than we seek.

One 30cm fish releases the same number of eggs as 2,000 15cm fish!

180 million eggs

A 13.5cm crayfish will release double the no. of eggs as a 10cm one.

840,000 eggs

Number of square meters in the proposed
Bongin Bongin Bay Aquatic Reserve

451,800 m2

The no. of aquatic reserves in NSW is 12 incl. 5 on the Northern Beaches